How new Venus solves location problems?

Hi Mooniters,

We have been reworking on moonit algorithm to improve location based problems.

Venus is the magical goddess does this complex calculations to serve you up better matches you are in the same city, state, country and she does all of these based on your and their activity behaviors. Not just your flirt/friend preferences.

Main problem with location based matching is, mos of the location based search algorithms generally does point based match using longitude and latitude coordinates.

It works in theory. But point based matches fails because of the difference between specific areas in a big area like neighbors in cities, cities in states, states in countries or so.

Doing matches based on this specific regions called geo-fence matching.

We have a hybrid algorithm in Venus. So she does point based match but shows people in same area, city, country before than people who are in further places. So you see people in the same country you speak same language if you’re in a small european country (Czech Republic marked as blue area in the map above). But of course this isn’t the only parameter. There is also their online availibility matters.

Scaling and putting the distance to algorithm, we use some mathematical equations. And all of those makes Venus powerful.

We’re keep improving Venus and Moonit in a magical way everyday.